My Prescott pine property for sale by owner

  Updated 02/21/2021  . . . TERMS POSSIBLE

Prescott land for sale,  Prescott AZ Mountain Property for sale, Ponderosa Pine property in Bradshaw National Forest.  Tall pine forest AZ Real Estate.  


ATTENTION: First posted 4 Parcels 11/09/2020 on Zillow, some changes.  This real property was purchased in the 1990s, even then full 20 acre patented mining claims were near impossible to find or wildly expensive. 
Lookout Mountain top for sale 

You can paste this coordinates into Google Earth search box.  3424'9.18"N  11226'46.07"W
Google will show the mtn top and houses, cabins and roads.
Contact me at 602-953-3173 or email me

Parcel 1, 10.3 acres, $85,000.00   -> 1051 E Tall Pine Trl, Prescott, AZ 86303    ->  Lowered 500 
Parcel 2, 6.48 acres, mtn top $210,000.00  -> 1052 Pine Dr, Prescott, AZ 86303   Sold pending
closing 2/23/2021
Parcel 3, 5.56 acres, $126,000.00  -> 1053 Short Pine Trl, Prescott, AZ 86303   ->   Lowered 6000
Parcel 4, 2.2 acres, $67,000.00  -> 
1054 Short Pine Trl, Prescott, AZ 86303           Sold,  Closed

Mineral rights go with above patented mining claim property.
I can write up a short form Vacant Land Contract and it will go into escrow as usual and checked for title insurance
$1000 down payment.  Terms: 5 years at 7%, 25% down. (I don't do balloon deals for lower payments nobody should get into this kind of mess cause nobody ever wants to pay the balloon.  Trust me)   

A lower rate home equity type bank loan may work if you want to cash out the property. 
Above prices are current as of 02/08/2021
NOTE: For gate lock codes and directions you will need to contact me by email and provide a name and phone number. You can call first if you want. Please understand there are upscale cabins and houses behind these gates that need protected.  There is a private community site on a social media. Whether or not you decide to join is up to you.   

For DIRECTIONS scroll down!  Copy and paste them to visit the property.  Contact me via email and I will send you a better plat map pdf. 

Please try to organize a time for an appointment or have information in advance.  Expect 2 or 3 hours to go and view this property from Prescott
I do sell my land fairly quickly due to always having the best price for good forest property.   Scroll far down for some  information on the area and remote properties.
I will try to post photos after I go to Lookout Mtn and take more.   Sorry not to have appropriate "view" photos to post here just now. Too many trees to show the views, maybe you can take some for me. LOL  These were taken by the dozer operator on a hazy day.  road maintenance is done every few years or when needed.

To avoid confusion!

There is a new parcel number
205-14-423C for this property
County made me combine lots before I could make the lot line changes.

<-New "Minor Land Division" lot line changes: You can't use the 3 parcel numbers on this plat to view the original parcels on Yavapai County GIS.  However  those parcels were joined then split 4 times to create the new parcel lot line changes you see here. Those APN chages will not be reflected on the GIS map until after the property is sold and recorded.

Original APN Nos: 
205-14-421D (New Apn 205-14-423C)

Top of Lookout Mtn. Google earth search: 3424'9.18"N  1226'46.07"W

The mineral rights are intact and go with the property! Parcels may be split again to 2 acre minimum along roads works well for that.

There are no mine shafts on the property or nearby!

A Vacant Land Purchase Contract will be provided by me and delivered to an Escrow company in Prescott to do the title searches, finalize the sale & set up the note with a note servicing company.

I have the legal property descriptions for each parcel    

This is not all weather property.  In winter the snow can get deep and last on the north slopes.  A  4 WD drive vehicle is recommended in adverse weather.  Be prepared. Some winters there is little or no snow.  


  • Install a Propane tank for delivery or provide your own.
  • Install a Propane generator for tools and emergencies.
  • Get yourself a Propane refrigerator and gas stove.
  • Install a fireplace and wood stove.
  • Build yourself a woodshed for all that free Oak.
  • Install a good metal roof with gutters for water.
  •  Install Solar Panels on your roof .
  • Install 2 septic tanks to hold rain water preferably under your deck, no you won't run out.
  • Install an electric sump pump.
  •  You will have cell phone service
  • You can have satellite TV and internet service 
  • Stock up on some extra food. 
What you will need is a septic tank and leach field.  But you have saved a fortune drilling a well and setting up a holding tank.

A pickup truck is a good way to go, carry a chainsaw and gather wood in your travels. A shovel and tools are handy.  I am sure there are more and better pointers. 

EMAIL ME: Wade Hampton:


 1. If you are coming in through Prescott Valley on 69 from Phoenix you will be taking the "Walker Road" south into the National Forest.   You will see "Costco" on the left then continue a short way to Walker Rd.  Should be a light and ARCO station where you will turn left and continue on the Walker Road.  The Walker Rd will turn into a dirt road, where eventually you may notice a small lake on the right, shortly after that the Walker intersects with the Senator Hwy (dirt). 

2. Continue on the Senator straight ahead and it will start winding up to the top of a ridge where there is a CATTLE GUARD.   The road will fork left and right, ignore that! Go OVER the CATTLE GUARD on the Senator Hwy!   You will drop down and SOON see a right turn off the Senator which should be named the "Golden Eagle" road (Or FS 52B), take that road where it will shortly climb up to another ridge where you will take the left fork, go about 35 yards and you will see a road to the right and the first gate.  Continue on about 50 yards or so and you will have a second gate.

3. After that there will be a short drive where that first corner of the 10 acres will be up on the left bank of the road. That would be the original corner rock pile with flagging as shown on your plat map for the 10 acres.  Pay attention to the curves in the roads to locate relative corners!  If you continue on the left road there is a road breaking off to the right going to the top of Lookout Mountain (parcel 2) about halfway up a new road to the right will take you to the new pad on the 10 acres, (parcel 1).   I can send you a PDF parcel plat map you can print out and follow better.  I think you will need to make a second trip to digest the parcels, so if you are pretty good with a GPS you have coordinates on the plat that will take you within a few feet of every corner.  The other 2 parcels you can identify by the building sites and corners relative to the road. 

4. If you happen to take the Senator Hwy off Gurley St. from Prescott just stay on that all the way over the Cattle Guard to Golden Eagle Road.  The Golden Eagle Road is also Forest Service Road 52B.   Senator Hwy is quickest route to town of Prescott.  Expect to take 45 minutes or so to arrive at the property gate.  May be less, but it's your first trip.  A fun trip,  go early.

If you are serious,  I want to point out some important tips about looking for property in the high country that will save you time: 
  • Ponderosa Pines only grow above 6000 ft elevation in AZ.  The highest mountain in the area is Mt. Union at almost 8000 ft.
  • The closest Forested property is in and around Crown King and south of Prescott in the Bradshaw Mtns (Prescott Nat'l Fr).
  • That means that all Tall Pine Property is all located somewhere in our AZ National Forests, (NF).
  • And, that means it's very RARE property and not the highly promoted scrub Ranch/Land and Cattle stuff, (beware!).
  • If you want cooler temperatures try to get something above 6,500 ft. in elevation.   
  • There are two kinds of private land in the NF: Old Patented Mining Claims like in Crown King and Homesteaded, ranches, etc. 
  • Few Realtors are familiar with remote properties in the NF, often promoting scrub and Pinon Pine land as "Tall Pines".
  • Patented Mining Claim property (real property) exists in NF south of Prescott & north of Phoenix.
  • Homestead/Ranch type land is in the Rim Country further away: Payson, Pine Top, White Mountains, Alpine, etc. 
  • Beware of what County you buy in, some have un-splitable 10 acre minimums and other restrictions.
  • Yavapai County allows 5 splits at 2 acre minimums, (RCU2A) rural single family, site built only, no permanent trailers in NF).
  • If you plan to invest, make property splits or build later, now is the time, when else?
  • If you plan to build now it's never cheap. Any septic system will cost more or less around 15K, (perc. or not).
  • It's not important to drill a well. A cistern for rain water is a perfect solution.  If you drill a well it will go into a cistern/holding tank anyway. .
  • Solar Power and Propane gas is the best way to go.  Solar will cost 8K more or less with rebates.    
  • You will need a used pickup truck, or a 4wd drive of some sort as it does snow.   A quad ATV is fun and useful for grandmothers to carry the kids..
  • If buying a mining claim or a portion make sure it's patented, and not a cheap NF leased cabin on NF land or just a mineral claim.. 
  • Crown King and most N.F. properties are accessible by 2wd passenger vehicles, but not always. 
  • Crown King and the Bradshaw Forest gets about 27 inches of moisture a year, mostly rain starting from July-Oct. 
  • You can figure how many gallons of water that would be per Sq.Ft of roof space, you simply can't hold all that water.
  • The best you can do is put two huge septic tanks under your deck which will hold all the water you need.  If you want Phx water add some chlorine.
  • Solar is not a bad way to go, use a sump pump for water, a gas refrigerator, gas or wood stove, and a generator for power tools.  You are then off the grid everything else will get more and more expensive, especially now.
  • You can get cell phone service, Satellite TV internet service.  Of course you will not need AC and you already have a cell phone.  
  • The roads to Crown King are maintained several times a year by the County and beyond mostly by the Forest Service.     
ALL SAID: If you are the outdoors type who wants some cool semi remote property in the high mountains of AZ, it's simply no problem.
But, If you have been driving the pavement exploring AZ NF and got the idea to buy a CHEAP summer getaway in the cool pines "CLOSE IN"  IT ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN, SO GIVE IT UP.   That property is gone or still very pricy even today.   
 You will see grandma roaring around with the grand kids on the back of a Quad, so it's all a matter of perception.  Yes, there are dirt roads lots of them some washboard, some bumpy, some rocky and mostly dusty two days after a rain.    
Many buyers the minute they get off pavement say "it's to far out" which simply means you can stop looking now unless money is no object.  
A realtor I was using had a client who said he wasn't worried about about dirt roads, but the minute he got a mile on one he was ready to turn back and did. Pretty funny really.          


Please Contact me at   If you want a reference  check with Carol S. Boles, Designated Broker Crown King Realty, 602-717-6363,
Carol lives in Crown King and is the only realtor selling in Crown King.  She may have something better to your liking.

You should probably check some prices for like property, (COMPS) and contact a realtor who can do that.  Carol Boles has sold some of my property.
 Realtor Carol Boles who lives in Crown King and she can answer some questions. 
Carol is one of the few who knows mountain property. 

 I live in Phoenix, but I am often out of town mid summer.  If you want the best property at the best price please have patience and I will show it to you when I return unless a realtor sells it.  If I am not here, I have given power to sell to my attorney in Prescott.  We can deal with that depending on what happens.   

We have a tour business  in France so are gone for the summer, See: for a special tour in Provence France.  Village tours  Provence France tours of Avignon, Arles, Gordes.   We will be in France from mid April to mid October.