Our Guests write us and say:

"Thank you for the wonderful tour! Everything was first class the moment we arrived. Why I think it was so successful was your knowledge of the area and the kindness of your interaction with your guests. What I also appreciated was when we went out you always took us to places where the "locals" were dining. The restaurant on Thursday was a particular highlight as indeed were the lovely meals we had at your home. I feel envious of people who will be doing your tours next year." Therese P., Tasmania, Australia

"Our week with you was absolutely perfect. Words can't express the warmth we felt in your sincere desire to acquaint us with the ultimate reaches of Provence. We give you a 'rave' review with bravos galore." Tom and E.J.T., Arizona

"Our lovely vacation in Provence is still a vivid memory. We had such a great time, that recently, we offered to donate to the Boys and Girls Club charity auction, the French Vintage Vacations in Provence!" Pam and Don M., California
"I had such a wonderful time on my visit to Provence that it will be etched in my memory forever. Such caring people as Anne and Wade are hard to come by. We were pampered and loved at every turn. Thanks so much for everything you did for us over and above that required." Diane E., Washington "I so much enjoyed my time with you in Provence! You are wonderful hosts and guides! Thank you for the lovely week. I hope to meet you again and also hope that I can return to Provence again and again. Anne-Marie, thank you for the charming and delicious meal you served. You two do very well at meeting and mixing with all the different personalities in your groups. I'm sure that your new house will be wonderful. I hope that the building goes well and I get to see the house someday!" Allene, M., Nevada
"I want to personally thank you for a wonderful time in 'Provence' the Luberon and all the scenic places we visited and traveled to. Your hospitality was par none, and your service was impeccable to say the least, always on time and knowledgeable of all the places and areas we visited. Melissa and I were pleased with the whole trip, I know Steve and Wendy were too. Hope you can get your House Project done, you have a beautiful place and staying on the grounds would be perfect for the guests. Well!! Again from Steve, Wendy, Melissa and myself, good health and keep everyone happy in France. Drop a line or e-mail when you can, I will tell everyone to consider your French Vintage Vacations. P.S.: Melissa loves her birthday book from the gallery!" Gene and Melissa S., California
"Thank you for the wonderful tour in Provence. You provided visits to some beautiful places and everything proceeded at a very pleasant pace. We were never rushed but we were always well informed about where we were going. The accommodation was also very agreeable. Breakfasts were good there. It was also very enjoyable to wander up to the high town of Gordes on the evenings when we were free to dine on ourselves. Anne-Marie, I hope to return as soon as I can to do the other things that you planned for me. Merci!' Linda G., CA "We have enjoyed our time immensely in large part due to the fact you were our guides. Wade, you are outstanding. We saw more of Provence than most folks who live here. We have fallen in love with the area and hope to return. Thank you for your many kindnesses." Ted and Mary Ann H., Pennsylvania
"I want to thank both of you again for my recent "Oh-so-pleasant" visit in Provence. You made so many adjustments for our group and I appreciate that. My daughter had a wonderful time and enjoyed every day. I hope your house-building is progressing nicely and you can enjoy the process as you look forward to the final success!" Karen H., Auckland, New Zealand
"Thank you for a most enjoyable tour. You are gracious host and hostess. We enjoyed learning about Provence and seeing all the sights and experiencing its culture. We had a wonderful time!" Jacquie B., Karen W., Sharron L., Judith L.M., Edith M., Susan M., Karen W., California. Gladys C., Karen O, Elaine N.G., Hawaii. Caren C., Marcia S., Iowa. Lauren and Stan B., Tennessee
"Thank you for a wonderful week in Provence. You had everything well planned for our enjoyment. We were very grateful to be assigned the rooms with the view of the valley. One of the highlights of the trip was eating 'en plein air' a delicious lunch at your home. You went the extra mile giving us that. You two were great with the "grandma" of the group, and I thank you for your solicitude. All in all it was a special week in my life, and I shall heartily recommend it to friends here." Katherine C., Tennessee
"We want to thank you for being such wonderful hosts. You were great and made it a most memorable vacation!" Winnie and Allen S., Florida
"Thank you for sharing Provence with us. We loved exploring the beautiful villages and countryside. Thank you for your hospitality at your beautiful home. The meals were delicious! It was a great way to get better acquainted with the group. We had a wonderful time. Thank you -Merci." Tom and Sue G., Washington
"Thank you for a glorious week in Provence! This vacation was a terrific adventure and will continue to be our favorite. You both did so much to make it special. We have shared our pictures and assorted pamphlets to all who would stand long enough to hear our enthusiastic travelogue. Please be assured that the most fun for us will be to see you again. Thank you for the wonderful experience you provide for your guests! With warmest regards" Ted and Linda W., Oklahoma

"We can't tell you how much we enjoyed our stay in Provence. Your tour was even better than we had anticipated. The house was great and we saw sights no ordinary tourist would ever get a chance to see." Bob. W., Oklahoma
"We loved our trip with you in Provence. We will recommend it to anyone we know planning a trip there. Thank you for the extra and special things you did, it made it a memorable trip for us." Ann and David P., New Mexico
"You are perfect hosts, anticipating our every need and want. We wouldn't change a thing! Thanks again for a perfect week!" Joan and David S., Arizona

"Thank you for a marvelous trip! We loved everything we did!" Judy S., New York
"We would love to join you on another trip to France. We have told so many people about your wonderful trip. It was just perfect!" Don and Betsy O., New York
"We speak of you often and of your wonderful trip. Thank you again." Connie and Don B. Illinois
"Think of you often and the fun trip we had. Hope we can do it again one day!" Pat A., California
"We can't thank you enough for making our introduction to Provence so memorable! Everyone with whom we've shared our photos is ready to pack!" Denise and Wendell A., New Mexico

"I want you to know what a wonderful time I had on my trip to Provence with you. Your kindness and consideration for all of us was greatly appreciated." Grace P., Nevada

"Your guidance and Provence was everything we hoped for and even more. Your personal touch made it a memorable experience." Anne and Jim T., Arizona

"I really enjoyed our trip to Provence and thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of this beautiful area." Jan S., Illinois

"We only have the best memories of our time with you in Provence. Hopefully we will return one day when your beautiful new house is finished. Merci beaucoup!" Gene and Helene W., Indiana

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