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Anne-Marie and Wade Hampton, a husband and wife team, have been hosting small group tours in Provence since 1995. They have designed this special tour for their guests and are happy to share their knowledge and love of a cultural paradise.

Anne-Marie, a Ph.D. in French and Francophone literature from UCLA, is a native of Provence who knows her country intimately. She has an extensive knowledge of French culture and cuisine and is always pleased to share her secrets with her guests.

A designer, artist, and land investor, Wade fell in love with Provence thirty years ago and knows the region as well as the natives - if not better! As an enthusiastic explorer, he can't resist taking back roads and hasProvence sunflowers
                        17ft tall discovered some amazing places: "Every village in Provence is a piece of art. It is impossible to drive in this country without finding something beautiful to look at!" A very attentive host, Wade is also a fine connoisseur of Provenรงal wines and you will enjoy his wine-tasting party. Anne-Marie and Wade have a house in Provence and are currently finishing a second one. This is a project which, in itself, has been quite another "big" adventure...

Wade is also into developing some rare Arizona mountain real estate.
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